Anonymizing PACS

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How to show anonymous cases in PACS:

  1. The window containing the patient name can be resized by clicking and dragging the right-most edge of the box. Drag that all the way closed (to the left).
  2. Set Overlays to "Off". If you set them to "Minimum", that will remove the name but the Acc# will persist on the images. That may be acceptable in some circumstances, but Acc# is PHI, so just be aware of the context in which you are presenting. The overlay option is in many people's right click menu - if not, you can add it in "Preferences".
  3. Load up the cases in the reverse order in which you want to show them, then close each study when you want to move to the next case. If you were to switch between cases the normal way, by clicking on the name box in PACS, a dialog box pops up and displays everyone's name that is currently loaded. Best avoided when possible.