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Radiologists – To minimize distractions, we are going to try having more channels and fewer people hearing dings in each channel.

At the beginning of your shift, adjust notifications as follows:

  • Right click on a channel – This shows your current notification level under “Change notifications”
  • Set notifications to “Every new message” for areas you are responsible for that day, and “Just @mentions” for other areas.
  • If you have a subspecialty, please have “Every new message” notifications on for your area (MSK, Body, Neuro). This can be set it and forget it.

  • Outreach folks set “Every new message” for the site you’re covering that day.
  • Meriter FL – Set “Every…” for USMeriter
  • XC folks – set “every” for CT/MR. I’d suggest XC1 and 4 cover MR and XC 2 and 3 cover CT to minimize extra dings but we can adjust as needed.
  • Everyone who can potentially help with US – set “every” for Ultrasound. This can also be set and forget.
  • Home rotations – You won’t have many phone calls, so please turn on notifications for:
  1. All outreach sites, at least after their coverage ends. This will help offload the PM person.
  2. XC 2 – CT ; XC 4 – MR as above
  • With this system, you won’t hear dings for ultrasounds and requests outside your area.

Ultrasound workflow

The Ultrasound channel will now be used only when the primary radiologist for an area is unavailable.

Techs – please post in the channel for your site using the same message format as before. If you can’t find your site, click the + next to Channels and click Browse. If you know who you are trying to reach, you can also tag them by using @XXXX in the message text.


  • Post a message to indicate you are looking at the study. There is an emoji called :eyes: which you can use (Click on the Smiley face in the lower right corner to use an emoji). We could consider using the 1 touch reaction for that instead, but it won’t send a ding to let others know that someone took that case.
  1. If you are too busy to take the case, add a Reaction to the tech request with :SOS: emoji by hovering over the message with the mouse and clicking the SOS icon (assuming you turned on 1 click reactions above. If not, hover, click on the smiley face with a + sign, then click SOS). This will automatically post the message to the main ultrasound channel where everyone will hear the notification.
  • After review, you have options:
  1. Hit the OK_hand 1 touch reaction icon meaning that the patient is OK and can go
  2. If you have a short question for the tech: Hover over the original post, click on Reply in Thread and ask away. This thread workflow prevents sending dings to everyone else in the channel for every message between you and the tech!
  3. Slack has a phone call feature that will use a computer’s speaker / microphone and PACS automatically uses the Dictaphone for both. It works well and is an option for tech workstations which are so equipped. Click on the person’s name and hit the Call button. More to come on this…
  4. Arrange for a phone call using the Reply in Thread feature above.

Techs – if you haven’t gotten a response in 1 minute, see above – hit the SOS emoji reaction and it will auto re-post to Ultrasound where many rads will get a notification and you will very likely get a response. If you don’t hear anything there in a minute, revert to the telephone.

CT/MR Workflow

FHC/Mauston/RHI – During hours when there is a dedicated radiologist for your site (perhaps remote), please post to your site channel first. Other times, please post to the CT or MR channel.

Meriter – Please post to CT or MR channel


  • When you start working on a question, post a message to the channel indicating this.
  • Further correspondence should use Reply in Thread
  • If you’d like to get a subspecialist to handle the question, add one of the following emoji reactions to the original request by clicking the face with + sign (find another reaction) and type or select:
  1. Body – Looks like a liver – will autopost the message to the Body Channel
  2. MSK – Looks like EJs arm – will autopost the message to the MSK Channel
  3. Neuro – Looks like a brain – will autopost the message to the Neuro Channel
  • If you don’t get a response from a subspecialist, you can track them down via phone or handle the question yourself.