Protocol for who reads Outreach studies

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Per Kara Gill:

  • Any outpatients < 18 yo of age who have a CT ordered should be flagged for specific review and protocol by the Community Radiologist.
  • As per ALARA, all imaging options not involving radiation should be explored first. If there is a persistent indication for CT or the reasoning by the ordering provider is unclear, then the Community Radiologist should discuss with the ordering provider.
  • If there are any persistent questions by the Community Rad, then a direct discussion with the pediatric Radiologist should take place.


  • CT Head for NAT scan from ED – just scan per protocol. Call 263-0671 M-F 8-4:30. Afterhours, call 263-6461 to talk with resident on call. Resident will contact peds rad on call to review/sign off on study.
  • NICU/Newborn Nursery:
  • Head, Neck, facial bone, t bones, spine: needs protocol by UW neuroradiology: Peds Neuro Reading Room 890-7158. Main Neuro reading room: 263-8623
  • Anything else goes to Pediatric Radiology to protocol. Call reading room 263-0671. Afterhours, call 263-6461 to talk with resident on call.