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[[:File:PIRADS_V2-1.pdf|Full PIRADS pdf]]
[[File:Pirads PZ.png]]  
[[File:Pirads PZ.png]]  
[[File:Pirads TZ.png]]
[[File:Pirads TZ.png]]
=== DWI Criteria ===
=== T2 Criteria ===
[[File:Pirads t2.png]]
=== Contrast Criteria ===
[[File:Pirads dce.png]]
=== Zones ===
[[File:Pirads zones.png]]

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Full PIRADS pdf

Pirads PZ.png Pirads TZ.png

DWI Criteria


T2 Criteria

Pirads t2.png

Contrast Criteria

Pirads dce.png


Pirads zones.png