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* [[:File:|Outreach Policies]]
* [[:File:SOG_Outreach.doc|Outreach Policies]]
* [[:File:|Suboptimal Image Quality]]
* [[:File:SOG_Supoptimal_Imaging_Quality_2017.pdf|Suboptimal Image Quality]]
* [[:File:|Patient Result Notification]]
* [[:File:SOG_Patient_Result_Notification.docx|Patient Result Notification]]
* [[:File:|Scheduling Patients with Implants]]
* [[:File:SOG_scheduling_of_pts_with_implants.docx|Scheduling Patients with Implants]]

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Indications and Views

  • <30 y/o or pregnant: ultrasound first, mammo only if needed
  • <6 mo since last mammo: spot/mag CC, spot/mag MLO, ML
  • >= 6 mo: as above but add routine CC, MLO
  • 1 view findings: rolled CCs, ML, spot in view where seen
  • No post-bx mammo required for age <30 and either no prior mammo, or clip clearly seen with ultrasound

ACR Practice Guideline for Mammography


Breast Ultrasound Axillary Ultrasound

  • Performed (ipsilateral) with breast u/s for BI-RADS 4c or 5 lesions AND lesion is >=2cm
  • Performed (ipsilateral) for new diagnosis of invasive breast cancer and specifically requested
  • If multiple abnormal nodes, number them from inferior to superior

Ultrasound Guided Biopsy

  • Radiologist fills out specimen pathology sheet